Video collection


This video is perfect for presenting various magazines (fashion, health, sport, show business news etc.). We will add the images of your magazine and select the music.

Your readers will be amazed by the unique style of this video! A great ad for a lifestyle magazine!

A universal dynamic video is the best ad for a printed edition no matter the subject. You only need to provide us with images of your magazine’s pages.

In this effective advertisement video you can present your magazine to the readers and demonstrate its pages.

There is no better ad for a magazine than stylish and laconic one. Not tied to any particular subject it is a good choice both for a fashion magazine and a business paper.

Genteel and exquisite video would be a point of interest for fashion magazines, editors, models. It creates soulful and sensual atmosphere along with featured photos and text.

Keep your readers in touch with the latest events featuring in this video. Stylish and vivid slideshow helps to easily deliver key messages from fashion industry news.

Great video to inform your readers about featured articles or announce a new issue. Rich yet lucid layout grabs viewer’s attention right from the first seconds and holds it until the very end.

Introduce your brand new online magazine to the world! This informative and bright presentation will certainly engage your potential readers from all over the world.