Video collection

Service Presentation

Show business owners how your mobile app can help them attract new clients. We will add your logo and contact data to flawless animation and motivating slogans.

A presentation of medical services, current researches and treatment methods offered by your clinic. You can also add your information about staff qualification and awards. We recommend putting contact data in the end of the video. 

In this video you can tell more about types of services and research, introduce the personnel, comment on your awards and achievements, and demonstrate working conditions as well as all benefits of your service. 

This cool animated presentation will describe all of the benefits of your delivery services and attract more clients. We can change colors, select matching music and add your logo.

Digital marketing agency promo for a moderate price. Stunning animation and engaging narrated iconography – this is just what you need! 

This video presentation describes services and products offered by your company, shows their benefits and research results. You can introduce potential clients and business partners to company’s achievements and leave contact data.

Lean and mean, this video will describe your company’s product or services with style! Insert your descriptions and photos into the video and rest assured that your presentation will leave your potential clients and business partners impressed with the quality of your services!

This video will surely show that travelling with your company is the easiest and most comfortable way to see the world. It will describe all the benefits of your travel agency, attracting potential clients.

Your website is a #1 marketplace for freelancers? Introduce it to your audience with the help of incredible graphics and animation.  

Promote your new product on the web! We offer cool promo, great design, stunning graphics, amazing animation, custom colors and assistance with text insertion. 

Clean adjustable video template for company, products and services presentation. You can add your text and logo as well as choose the color scheme for your promo video.

This video will give short introduction to you and your SEO company with full description of your services. You can show some works from portfolio and add contact data.

Plan a design, video or audio contest? There is no better way to spread the news than a vivid, memorable ad on the Internet.

Create perfect presentation of your company and share it on the Web. Iconography, maps, photos, feedback and porfolio - all this in a single dynamic video.

This video allows you to tell your potential customers about every aspect of your services, describe what you can do for them and explain where you can find them. Insert your photos and videoclips into this already dynamic video and you will receive an original and informative introduction to your services or products!

All beauty of architectural design in a short video. A perfect presentation for your clients and business partners.

Great advertisement for a real estate agency. Your clients will love the stylish animation and motivating slogans!

Quality portfolio for a real estate agency. We will add your photos and house descriptions and provide you with music.

Tell about all benefits of your real estate agency. Create your own text and we will adjust the color scheme and music to your liking.

Use this video to show your offers, prices and briefly introduce your company. Video ads are made to sell! We will help you add your logo, text, contact data and images to the video.

This promo video will give your client comprehensive information about your real estate agency, services and hot deals. We will insert your photos and add sound effects.

Stylish animation, effective slogans and bright HD photos: this is the best video ad for a leader in global real estate services!

Vivid photos and motivating music complete the alluring vide sequence. Video Advertising for real pros!

We will show how easy it is to buy, sell, rent or invest in real estate via your website’s services. Your future customers can watch instructions featured in your explainer video on the PC, tablet or from the TV screen. Add photos and info to your offer and prepare to be overwhelmed by customers!

This video is better than any catalogue! We will assist in adding images, detailed descriptions and music.

Medical Services Presentation

If you want a stylish and modern presentation of your medical services, this template can offer you just what you need. It is perfect for introducing your clinic and the benefits it can offer to your patients. Present your goals and objectives within two minutes. 

Real Estate Showcase

Developed specifically for real estate companies, this template allows to show the best current offers of the agency quickly and in great detail. Add photos of the most tempting deals along with details and pricing and upload this smooth slideshow to your website for all prospective buyers to see.