How do we make an explainer video?
Choice and purchase
You pay for the video template you chose for your amazing explainer video. Unsure which template to pick? Our managers can help you.
In order to learn as much as possible about what we are going to present, we research your brand, website, product or service via survey and personal phone and e-mail communication.
Screenshot presentation
Based on the information we gathered and your video template of choice we make a screenshot presentation of your future video. This will give you an idea of how your finished explainer video will look like.
Voice over (optional)
A professional voice over actor records the audio in studio for your explainer video. We select the narrator according to your video's individual concept which is based on next criteria: sex, age, native tongue.
Sequence creation
We create a sequence for your future explainer video according to the approved screenshot presentation and your video template of choice.
Music(sound fx optional)
To make your video original, vivid and memorable we add music and sound effects.
In this final stage of video production we piece everything together and brush it up.
We give you your finished explainer video in any file format necessary for getting the video uploaded on your website or

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